Meet Jen Wolf Via Voyage LA

December 7, 2019 - Voyage LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Wolf.

Jennifer, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I grew up in Southern California hiking in the foothills and swimming in the Pacific. After graduating high school, I spent a couple of years at Santa Barbara City College knocking out my general education requirements, a more affordable approach to college for someone working their way through school. I did well in city college and was admitted to several universities, I chose UCLA in order to stay close to my roots in Ventura, CA


Emmi Whitehorse in The National Museum of the American Indian’s new exhibition, Stretching the Canvas

November 22, 2019 - Vogue

Vogue Magazine's review of Stretching the Canvas, featuring Emmi Whitehorse

22 brief movement caleb cain marcus

The DART Interview: Caleb Cain Marcus

August 3, 2019 - Peggy Rolf

In describing the world, Caleb Cain Marcus dismantles the building blocks of visual processing by eliminating perspective, scale and implied narrative. Engaging with his work necessitates no prior knowledge which forces the experience to be in the present and compels us to sense, see and feel the world in a new way. Cain Marcus' photographs are combined with layers of paint to create deep, complex and evocative color. His belief is that through color we experience pieces of the universe that otherwise could not be expressed. —Richard Nonas, from the Introduction to Iterations


Carl Marcus

July 23, 2019

Will America’s National Monuments Survive the Trump Administration?

April 15, 2019 - Bill McKibben, Aperture

David Benjamin Sherry’s spectacular photographs of contested lands.


View the Tony Berlant: Tilt in Time Catalog

December 7, 2018

View the Tony Berlant:Tilt in Time catalog here.

Tony Berlant's latest exhibition is an explosion of color and texture

October 24, 2018 - Deborah Vankin, LA Times

Tony Berlant has been a busy man lately. The 77-year-old artist, a crucial influence in the West Coast Pop Art Movement of the 1960s, recently debuted a solo exhibition of new work at Kohn Gallery in Hollywood — and after six decades of making art, “Fast Forward” may be his most energetic show to date. The exhibition of cut metal collages — sculptural paintings, you could call them — is exploding with color and texture, in range and form. The works are blanketed with tiny, geometric cutouts bolted to wood panels with hundreds of slender, glistening sharp nails; they walk the line between assemblage, Pop Art and abstraction.


Signs and Wonders

August 31, 2018 - Michael Slenske, Art and Antiques

“What makes sense to me now is to make things you’d like to keep,” says Berlant. “That’s the simple way of putting it. If you really want to keep it, then you know it’s good—it’s worth making because it’s satisfying.” Berlant, a towering figure with the gait of a retired football player, strikes a slightly imposing figure that he tempers with a measured baritone, mostly used to deflect conversations away from himself or his practice. “When you’re making collages or assemblages, things fall apart if you glue them, and I like the noise, I like hammering it,” he says.


View the Ed Moses: Master of Crazy Wisdom Catalog

July 26, 2018

View the Ed Moses: Master of Crazy Wisdom catalog here.

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