Enclosing Form Reaching Over

New Sculptures by Christian Burchard & Will Clift

November 28, 2014

Balance, Grace, & Motion is a defining element in both Burchard and Clift’s woodwork. Both artist’s work are intrinsically different however both convey a sense of elegance. Clift’s widely recognized balance sculptures transcend time periods. He makes use of traditional woodworking techniques as well as contemporary technology with the use of carbon fiber materials. “My sculptures consist of intersecting parts that stand or suspend together in equilibrium. No part is extraneous, and the delicacy of this balance reveals the fine line between weight and weightlessness, motion and stillness.” Burchard answered the call of madrone burl wood. He makes use of off casted “burls” from the veneer industry. Through a lengthy drying process he is able to create whimsical forms that defy expectations of woodworking.

View new works by both artists at Telluride Gallery beginning mid November. 

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