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30 Year Retrospective Exhibition

Bear Creek Aerial
Telluride Gallery
Three Cows
Fall Main Street, 2014
vessel (1074) - large arabesque
The Green Pail
Reaching Up and Out
Untitled 1982
Burden of Dreams- 2013
vessel (1806) - Triple on Base (2015) Pit fired, painted and gilded earthenware.
Forest For Trees
Coming Home
Looking East, Telluride
Still Life with Wine and Roses
Raku Apples, 6 stacked on steel base
Classic Torso with Hands
Porcelain Shell
The Waiting Game
These strange adventures, ed. 2/9
Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado
Over the River Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado | two part drawing in pencil, charcoal,pastel, wax crayon, enamel paint, fabric sample, tape
La Escalera (The Stairway)
Yama, 8 Years, Lhasa, Tibet
Radiating All Power, the Boar
Wrapped in Black
Semiotische Kompisition
Visage de Marie-Thérèse, 1928, from Suite Vollard, Bloch 95
M134 Femme au Fauteuil No. 1 (d'après le rouge), 1949 (13 January)
Tête de Femme IV, 1939, Portrait De Dora from Suite Vollard, Bloch 1340
Femme Au Fauteuil No. 4, 1949, Bloch 588
Jacqueline Au Bandeau II, 1962, Bloch 1080
Flûtiste et Jeune Fille au Tambourin, 1934, from Suite Vollard, Bloch 213
B0168 Sculpteur travaillant sur le Motif avec Marie-Thérèse posant (S.V. 59), 1933 (31 March, Paris)
From the Suite Vollard (S.V. 59)
Faune dévoilant une Dormeuse (Jupiter et Antiope, d'après Rembrandt), 1936, from Suite Vollard, Bloch 230
Marie-Thérèse considérant son Effigie surréaliste sculptée (S.V. 74), 1933 (4 May, Paris)
From the Suite Vollard (S.V. 74)
Diagonal Totem
Musical Comb with mallet
Warm Day
vessel- Elk Mountain Clay; White Oval 6x15
The Grey Foxes, 1989 ed. 15/35
Radioactive Cats, AP ed. 10/10 with Radioactive Cat sculpture
But, I Feel Fine
Model on Pond Boat
Model on Cast Iron Bed with Weathervane Airplane
Season's Change
The Right to Eternity
Two Green Apples
Robe with Wasp Nest
Hand Painted Afrika
Ball-Grained Heart
Remembering Wallace Ting
Twilight IV
Twilight VII
Low Water
Canyon de Chelly Cliffs
Tempio di Iside MMVI-XXVIII
Cubed Landscape, Wilson Peak
Seven Square Inches of Water
It's the Alitude 19/290
Parts of the Plan, final
Telluride Poster - Ophir Posse
Georgia O’Keeffe 1975
Will Henry "Do-Right" Rogers on the Robert Hall Farm Road in Lowndes County, Alabama (with hand made flag and pole)