No Reason, No Rhyme



No Reason, No Rhyme
Jan 26 – Feb 27, 2022

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present “No Reason, No Rhyme,” an exhibition featuring two gallery artists: Kristin Beinner James and Krista Harris. This exhibition is on view from Wednesday, January 26, to Sunday, February 27. Please join us at the gallery for Telluride’s Art Walk evening on Thursday, February 3 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. 

Kristin Beinner James began her career with landscape painting. Over time, she started asking herself questions about what a painting could be. She attempts to answer this and other philosophical questions through experimentation, employing a variety of media such as acrylic, wax, and oil. She often pushes these media through surfaces such as linen, cotton interface, copper mesh, from back to front. “I paint by feel, at times unable to see the resulting image as it emerges,” she says. “My aim is for these paintings to hover in-between intention and result, front and back, near and far, inside and outside.”
Beinner James received her MFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and has been exhibiting her work since 1989. 

“No Reason, No Rhyme,” which takes its name from two new paper works by Krista Harris, will feature a combination of Harris’s paintings on canvas and mixed media on paper. “My process lies somewhere between painting and drawing. I am equally passionate about both,” says Harris who works out of a studio in southwestern Colorado. She builds areas on the work’s surface with custom mixed colors and glazes and then uses scratching, sanding, and paint removal techniques to weave it all together with various lines and marks. As she described, “It’s a very sensual and cathartic process, and losing and finding the work as it progresses is a delicate balancing act."
Harris has been exhibiting nationally since the early 2000s, and her work is included in both corporate and public collections worldwide. This will be her 8th exhibition at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art since 2013. 

With this exhibition, the Telluride Gallery hopes to celebrate the energy and bravery that each artist expresses through abstract means. We hope viewers will be inspired by the way these artists have pushed the boundaries of fine art in their own creative ways.