Nicole Finger


Nicole Finger is a figurative painter attracted to the connection between the viewer and the subject. Initially, she approaches her paintings strictly from a visual standpoint. She strives to reach a high level of realism without sacrificing the rich, textural quality of the paint as it aligns itself so perfectly to the sensuous and luscious attributes of the subject itself. There is an obvious and palpable connection that occurs through the direct eye contact, as well as the emotion and physicality of the subject, whether human or animal or food.

Food is the ultimate universal and inclusive subject matter and is loaded with so many personal memories and attachments. Finger has always been intrigued by the idea of elevating ordinary subjects through art. As sweets and baked goods, in particular, have become ever more taboo in our societal concerns over health, these images are almost reminiscent of idolatry or fossils of a past time in our memories and thus elevated even more. Similar to the detail and craft of 1600 still-life works, Finger uses oil paint to create her realistic pieces. Viewers are drawn into Finger’s delectable representations of food, not only for its realistic quality but for its appetizing quality as well.

Growing up in Bethesda, Maryland, Finger was greatly influenced by her artist mother, as well as her father’s lifelong passion with owning and racing horses. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she worked in various art fields, including illustration, in both California and Colorado. Having lived in Telluride, Colorado for several years surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the San Juan Mountains, she finds constant inspiration for creative thought, beauty and humor.