Jennifer Wolf


Jennifer Wolf is interested in the complex nature of relationships between a particular medium and the image it communicates. Wolf is a master in the manipulation of different materials. In her painting practice, this has manifest through foregrounding the craft of paint making. Wolf creates her own paint using powder pigments from various sources; such as organic pigments from different geographic locations. The process of mining pigment sources including Iron oxides, copper oxides, calcium carbonates and Carbon has taken her to locations such as France, Peru, Brazil, North Africa and her hometown of Ventura California. The reconstitution of these site-specific minerals into a painting medium is one of the ways in which Wolf communicates.

Interested in connecting ideas of history, place, nature and her own artistic practice, Wolf utilizes materials and techniques that embody the convergence of these concepts. Utilizing techniques that require a deep knowledge of the materials she works with, Wolf deftly unites these exalted dyes into transcendent compositions that capture the natural essence of color, elevating painting to the realm of the sublime. The tradition of hand dyeing textiles and fibers is steeped in history. By implementing this technique in her practice, Wolf inserts a distinctly female presence into the oft male-dominated realm of abstract painting.
Jennifer Wolf is from Ventura, CA. She received her BA in Art History from UCLA and her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design.

Accolades + Reviews
Anderson ranch Brooks Scholarship, 2009
Art and Antiques, 2015
Voyage LA, 2019